Last week, we saw footage of Lil Wayne calling a "white boy" out for throwing a beer at him (based on the assumption that only white dudes drink the stuff, as well as some subsequent footage of a fan being sucker punched by a security guard.

While the initial report linked the two incidents, there was no clear connection between them based on the footage. Now, a new story confirms that the man being attacked is not the same guy who threw the can, but he was heckling Wayne in one way or another.

Apparently the guy was holding up a makeshift teleprompter that read first "Shut the fuck up and put on Weezy” and later, “Fuck Weezy.” The fan was apparently upset that Weezy had showed up late to the party.

The most important update, however, came from a newly surfaced 911 call, in which the fan reports the incident, and claims he did nothing wrong. While it's not clear whether or not he'll turn this into a lawsuit, he has laid the foundation.

Check out the clip and the audio of the call below.