Sometimes, you come across a news item that literally just makes you pause and become speechless for a few seconds, before regaining the abilities you need to carry on and write an article about said story. This Lil Uzi Vert update made me do just that.

In a video that's been making the rounds on social media for the better part of the day (August 8th), Uzi is seen stapling his own head. With a staple gun. And her barely even winces. This is no way a joke, he actually did this. Here's proof.

First, let me just clarify that in no way do I think Lil Uzi Vert is the kind of innocent person who wouldn't be willing to carry out a stunt like this. Actually, it probably helps add another layer to his public persona of a talented but at least slightly off-kilter rap artist. No one's really sure why exactly he decided to afix a small, bent piece of metal into his skull, but maybe he was out of elastics or pins to hold his hair back. Maybe he's just marking the spot where he wants to get his next tattoo. Maybe it has something to do with Satan, a figure whom he paid tribute to by inserting "666" into his Twitter bio, albeit in a scattered fashion.

With Uzi, you just never know...