If ever you get to breathe the same air as Philadelphia rapper Lil Uzi Vert, leave yourself a reminder not to refer to him by his government name. During a live stream this weekend with popular social media star Adin Ross, Ross repeatedly called Uzi by his given name, Symere, but the rapper was not pleased. At one point, he snapped and asked the streamer to quit doing him dirty.

There were many notable moments during Lil Uzi's stream with Adin Ross, including his explanation as to why he's hesitant to collaborate with XXXTentacion posthumously, his eye-widening freestyle, and this moment where Uzi lost his temper with Adin, raising his voice and telling him to stop referring to him as "Symere."

Rich Fury/Getty Images

"You're not even just Uzi, you're Symere," said Adin.

"Bro, stop calling me by my fucking name," snapped Uzi. "No, no, no, no. Stop calling me by my fucking name, please."

"Okay," implored Adin. "It won't happen again, Mr. Vert. I swear to god it won't. On my life."

"Do I call you 'sus boy'?" asked Uzi. 

"That's not my real name," responded Adin.

"Do I call you 'sus boy'?" he repeated.

"No," Adin replied. 

Most artists do not like being addressed by their government names, so Lil Uzi is definitely not the only person that would have reacted in this manner. Check out the video below and remember -- if you see Uzi on the street, don't call him by his real name!