Lil Scrappy turned himself in to the police yesterday, after a warrant was issued for his arrest because of a suspicious urine sample. However, the reality T.V. star didn't have to spend too much time locked up, as he was released today.

Scrappy had reportedly submitted a urine sample due to a probation violation stemming from his 2008 arrest over marijuana. However, the police thought the urine sample had been tampered with because it was cold to the touch. It seems the police may have been confused over whose urine sample they received though, because Scrappy tells TMZ he never submitted a bad sample, so the warrant for his arrest was bogus.

Scrappy was released today after a judge granted his lawyer's motion to recall the warrant. A hearing has been set for May 16th to go over the details.

[Update: Scrappy’s Probation Hearing For Cold Urine Pushed Back]

As reported by AllHipHop, prosecutors at Scrappy's probation revocation hearing today claimed that he switched his urine during a required drug screening. DeKalb County Superior Court Judge Daniel Coursey chose to reschedule the hearing until next week so the 28-year-old rapper's urine could be sampled and processed anew.

Scrappy offered his version of the story during an interview with Streetz 94.5 last month. “They didn’t even test the pee,” Scrappy told host Rashan Ali. "I said, ‘you can check me or whatever you gotta do.’ He didn’t wanna check me. He got a little hostile with his voice, and I ain’t finna let nobody put they paws on me."

That's all for now, folks. Stay tuned for updates.