The underground rap scene was hit with some devastating news this week as Atlanta rapper 6 Dogs, who gained fame with his song "Faygo Dreams", reportedly passed away from suicide. The artist was a major part of the underground hip-hop community, connecting with artists like Lil Skies, Nessly, videographer Cole Bennett, and many more. Of course, 6 Dogs was also acquainted with the late Lil Peep, whose estate recently posted a tribute to the rapper.

Sharing a video of Peep singing along to one of 6 Dogs' songs, the rapper's estate wrote, "This is a terrible tragedy and shock. Our hearts go out to this young man’s family. @6dogsgnarly."

News broke on Tuesday that 6 Dogs had reportedly taken his own life. A few months ago, as part of one his final tweets, 6 Dogs shared a post about mental health in the music industry. "If you have friends in the music biz call them and check on them," he co-signed. "This rat race that we all are in is not cool. Some days I feel like a super hero who can take over the world and some days I just wanna cry and quit. I know I'm not alone. I know a lot of us feel this way."

6 Dogs was 21 at the time of his death. Rest in peace.