Young Slim Jesus has been hit with another diss track from (even younger) Lil Mouse. The 16-year-old Chicago rapper first went at the 18-year-old Hamilton (Ohio) rapper on "Kill Time," which found Mouse rapping over the instrumental to "Drill Time," the song and viral video that first gave Jesus widespread recognition. 

After "Kill Time" dropped, Mouse told VladTV that the track wasn't a diss, per se; rather, he was just stating "facts" -- namely that outsiders who don't live the Chicago "drill" lifestyle (Jesus) shouldn't be making drill music. 

Mouse's latest track, "Nail 'Em to the Cross," is most certainly a diss -- there's only one Jesus that Mouse is intent on crucifying. The accusations on the new song are similar to those on "Kill Time," but the shots here are more threatening and more direct. 

Mouse calls out Jesus for rapping in the drill style to get some easy exposure. As he's now gone at Jesus twice in a row, with no response (yet), one has to wonder who's actually banking off whose movement. "Nail 'Em to the Cross" is certainly a stronger record than "Kill Time," but does Mouse have proper grounds for continuing the beef? Would you respond if you were Jesus?

To make matters worse, Jesus' Twitter account has been hacked. Be advised: don't see for yourself. 

[via FakeShoreDrive]