Everybody is busy during the holidays, some are busy working, some are busy relaxing, and others are busy with family. This year, it seems as though Lil Durk is doing all the above. 

Following the release of his highly anticipated album, The Voice, Lil Durk has kept busy. A few days ago, Lil Durk spent an entire live stream promoting King Von's music, and shortly after that, he was one of the names Meek Mill brought up as a founder for a potential new streaming platform.

But as all this was brewing, Lil Durk made sure to spend some time taking care of the things that are most important to him. 

Recently, Lil Durk was pictured spending some time with King Von's children. After King Von's death a few weeks ago, it would make sense that one of his best friends would be there to spend some time with his family over the holidays. Apparently, Asian Doll had the presents covered, but we can imagine that Lil Durk will be doing his part to take care of King Von's kids and family as best as he can. 

Lil Durk has made it clear over the past several weeks and days that The Voice was a tribute to his fallen friend, King Von. Of course, it is great to know how inspired his art was, but it's also great that he's willing to do what he can for Von outside of the music. 

You can continue to support Lil Durk by streaming The Voice now, and you can also show love to King Von's kids by streaming Welcome To O'Block.