Much like his actual namesake, Lil Baby appears to be only getting better with age. Despite only being a relative newcomer to the rap game, Lil Baby has already established himself as a young superstar, his recent My Turn album continuing to make an impact months after its initial release. And like many representing his affiliated YSL movement, Lil Baby has somewhat of a tireless work ethic -- a quality that has led to a seemingly endless stream of new music.

Lil Baby

 Kevin Winter/Getty Images 

Over the weekend, Baby took to his car to preview an unreleased song, a move that left fans wondering whether another new release could be expected before the year's end. Though this new tune doesn't appear to be much of a deviation from his formula, the old adage if it ain't broke don't fix it comes to mind. As for the song itself, the track is apparently produced by ATL Jacob, as confirmed by Our Generation Music. As per usual, Baby floats over the lively instrumental, which feels vaguely reminiscent to Lil Uzi Vert's bouncy "Sanguine Paradise."

Lyrically, Baby revisits some of his favored topics, which is to say his own winning qualities. "Got no love for a hoe, I ain't passionate," he boasts. "I done ran up a dub on they ass again, tell the streets I'm a voice, I'm an advocate / ask the plug, this the most that he's ever seen / n***as broke, what's the most they done ever spent?"

It's unclear as to whether or not Lil Baby will be dropping this one off anytime soon, but given his spirited in-car performance, it's clear he's not ready to leave this one on the cutting room floor. Check out the snippet below (via Our Generation Music) and sound off -- do you want this one in your life?