Lil B Delivers A Sold-Out Lecture At Virginia Tech University

Watch Lil B's recent sold-out lecture at Virginia Tech University.

On February 19th, the Based God himself spoke to a sold-out crowd at Virginia Tech University's Haymarket Theater. The very rare, interactive lecture was organized by the school's Student Hip-Hop Organization (SHHO).

"Lil B, as an artist, is all about individuality, originality, authenticity… which is pretty much all the things SHHO stands for," SHHO Events Coordinator Banna Desta told the Collegiate Times. "He's pretty much an artist that aligns with a lot of our beliefs."

Central themes include the meaning of life, positivity, self awareness and empathy, not just for humanity but the entire animal kingdom as well. Listen closely, and be thankful for the knowledge the Based God continues to drop on a daily basis.

Stay based, and hit Lil B with a follow on Twitter if you somehow aren't doing so already: @LILBTHEBASEDGOD


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