Lex Luger Songs

  • Cover of Lex Luger - What U Got 2 Say  Feat. Lipso (Prod. By Tarentino)
    Two weeks ago, revolutionary trap producer Lex Luger turned heads and raised eyebrows when he unveiled the Gangsta Boo-featuring "Legal," a song that found him rapping as well as producing. Now he's gone even further on "What U Got 2 Say," his third track as an MC, enlisting another producer to do the song's beat.
  • Cover of Lex Luger - Foreign
    Although some producers will never cross over into rapping (DJ Mustard said in a recent interview with The Breakfast Club you'll never hear him rap, he's sticking to ad-libs), there's also a fair share of beatsmiths that dabble in rapping, and vice versa.
  • Cover of Lex Luger - Stripper Booty
    The Lex Luger sound has become so deeply integrated into the DNA of current hip hop that it's hard to believe "Hard In Da Paint" is only about 5 years old.
  • Cover of Lex Luger - #100
    In case you missed it, Lex Luger began his career as a solo artist earlier this summer, sharing three tracks that saw him rapping as well as producing. Now he's back with another such release, but this time, he sings on it. Listen to "#100" below.
  • Cover of Lex Luger - Legal  Feat. Gangsta Boo
    Over the past five or so years, Lex Luger has become one of the most recognizable producers in the game on the strength of his signature trap sound. Now, he steps into the booth to rap for the first time on "Legal," which also features Three 6 Mafia affiliate Gangsta Boo.
  • Cover of Lex Luger - MVP
    Lex Luger made such a huge impact on rap instrumentation that his sound was quickly swept from underneath him in the rush to imitate it. He's become increasingly quiet in the production game since his peak, but has been concentrating on vocals over the last little while.
  • Cover of Lex Luger - Not Cool  Feat. Rari
    Lex Luger has been known throughout his career as a major league producer, but a few months ago he started a new venture as a solo artist, and hasn’t stopped releasing new content ever since.
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