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Lars Young: The Anti-Jerk/Anti-Skinny Jean Guy What do you do when everyone around you is talking loud, but they ain’t saying nothing? You create a bootleg studio in your home and you put the truth on a track. That’s what Los Angeles born rapper, Lars Young, has done with his first single “Do You Jerk? Do You Wear Skinny Jeans?” Calling himself the “Anti-jerk”, Lars put the pen to the pad and put the opinions of many people to a beat. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against jerking or the movement. I would never knock the youth for doing something positive and being creative, I just don’t understand why they have to wear skinny jeans to do it”, says the 26 year old while laughing. “I’m just saying what other people don’t have the resources to say. Not everyone can create and record a song to voice their opinion.” Dating back to his early years, Lars has always had a love of music. He started playing drums in the choir of Greater Ebenezer Baptist Church while his mother and sister sang, and then moved on to creating his own beats on his computer. “I used HipHop EJay and just spent time perfecting beats. My sister would write and sing to them.” After seeing what could be done with them, he was inspired to put his own words to use. “I’d been writing rhymes in composition books for years. I started practicing and I would go to the laundry room and record from radio to radio. I used to get in trouble cause I would take my mom’s cassettes tapes and stuff tissue in them so I could record over them.” At 16, he completed a full disc of music that he circulated amongst his friends and by college he had won several talent shows. The recent jerking dance craze and skinny jean trend has swept the nation and caused controversy in the process. “I saw what was happening, and everybody was thinking it, so I said what everyone was thinking. We all know that jerking started as a hood dance, and that skinny jeans used to be associated with metrosexuals and white boys”, states the fledgling artist. Lars used down time at his night shift job at the oil refinery to compose a song to address the trend. He then recorded it and created a video. “No one wanted to help me with it, so I did it at home by myself.” He put the video on YouTube, and 60,000 hits later, it’s spreading like wildfire. To capitalize on its popularity, he created LarsYoungMusic on MySpace and began his own printing operation at home. “I did a photo shoot, created a graphic, and burned my song to disc. I've been giving it to anyone that's interested.” Hoping for it to reach the right hands, Lars has been burning his discs one by one praying that someone gives it the publicity it deserves. “It's not a diss track at all. I made it for everyone, and it's a jerk style beat. It's a parody of the whole sensation. I want people to hear my track, dance, and laugh all at the same time.”


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