There have been several stories and videos coming out of the protests across the country and many of them have been ridiculously shocking. Watching these clips, you see people in pain, fighting for the countless lives lost from police brutality and racism. In Los Angeles, we shared a story about a store owner that was detained while preventing a nearby shop from being looted. Now, we're shining a light on another violent incident from a recent protest.

A video is circulating across Reddit and several other forum-type sites, showing a group of peaceful protestors being attacked by LAPD officers with their batons. People appear to be gathered calmly before an officer starts shoving the protestors, pulling out his baton and repeatedly smacking them for no apparent reason. 

People can be heard yelling profanities at the cops from afar.

This is just one of many disturbing videos that we are highlighting on Black Out Tuesday. Something needs to change and, until all people are treated equally, the protests will continue.

If you're looking for ways to help, check out our list of resources. Primary voting is also open in nine states today; consider checking this article and seeing if you're eligible to vote today.