Kyrie Irving is one of the best point guards in the entire NBA, however, he has been unable to play this season due to the fact that he is not vaccinated. This has been a huge sore spot for the Brooklyn Nets as they have had to operate without one of their best players. Despite his absence, the Nets are still playing extraordinarily well, however, there is still a desire for him to come back to the team sooner rather than later.

Over the past few weeks specifically, Irving has been fairly silent on his situation, especially on social media. Now, however, Kyrie has broken that silence as he took to Instagram today with three different images that depict some interesting art. As you can see in the first post below, we have a man reading a book as they try to figure out who they are and what they are about.

The next image is of a man with chains around his head. This man is looking to take the chain off with a key, and many people in the comments section are confused about what it is supposed to mean. Kyrie has always been about being a free thinker, so perhaps the image in question is meant to convey that theme in an abstract way. 

Regardless of what any of this means, there is no doubt that his fans want to see him back on an NBA court in the near future. Whether or not that's going to happen soon, still remains to be seen.