If Kris Jenner is to be believed, her daughter Kylie Jenner is on her way to turning her cosmetics brand into one of the biggest in the world.

TMZ is reporting that, in a recent interview, the senior Jenner is putting a pretty hefty price tag on what Kylie's cosmetics line is worth. According to one of Hollywood's most powerful matriarchs, the brand is already done over $400 million in sales and is well on its way to hitting the billion-dollar mark in the future. Much of this money stems from the retail sales of Kylie's Cosmetics lip kit, which was introduced in 2016 and has sold like gangbusters, hitting the money total described by Jenner is just 18 months. Talk about a hot product.

Kris Jenner, who spoke in detail about this and more to Woman's Wear Daily from her palatial Los Angeles home, reportedly also provided the site with the documentation that backs up such a statement. L'Oréal and other competitors might be wise to take Kylie's brand seriously, if it is indeed raking in as much cash as Kris claims. In fact, it doesn't look like the cosmetics line will be losing steam anytime soon. Kylie's Cosmetics is on track to make over $360 million in 2017, which means she'll have a billion dollar company on her hands by 2022. It's just another W for the Kardashians.