As celebrities remain targets for thieves and criminals, many who live their lives in the public eye are looking to increase their security efforts. In the rap industry alone, over one dozen violent deaths and assaults have occurred in 2020, causing famous figures to reevaluate their social circles and movements. Others in the entertainment industry have been harassed as well, and Kylie Jenner has taken legal steps to keep herself and her loved ones safe.

It's being reported by TMZ that three weeks ago, the cosmetics mogul filed a restraining order against a man named Justin Berquist. According to the report, Jenner claimed that Berquist has been continuously sneaking into her gated, exclusive neighborhood searching for her. Legal documents state that Berquist has repeatedly been spotted by residents, even once fleeing on foot when one of Jenner's neighbors saw him. Jenner alleged that Berquist is so determined to meet her that he told security that he was at the location to see Kylie and made it to her neighborhood only to have been caught after walking into the wrong home.

Jenner was able to track down information about her stalker and reportedly wrote in the legal documents that Berquist has traveled from North Dakota to track her down. The reality star claimed that she doesn't know who he is and has never met him before. She was granted a restraining order on Wednesday (December 30) and it states that Berquist must remain at least 100 yards away from Jenner.