Kyle - KYLE Trolls Fans With A Future Impostor At His Show

Trevor Smith
February 22, 2016 14:34

and the troll of the year award goes to me 🏆

A video posted by KYLE (@superduperkyle) on

California rapper KYLE had a dude dressed up like Future roll through during his set.

Having Future show up to your show unannounced is a pretty great honor, and one that California rapper KYLE seemed to earn on this weekend, but upon closer inspection, the cowboy-hat-donning, blond-dreaded dude who slid through the set was nothing but an impostor.

In a move that would surely make MF DOOM proud, KYLE decided to troll the audience by getting his friend to dress up and hide behind some big sunglasses, dancing across the stage with pretty spot-on moves. 

The rapper later revealed the true identity of the guy who had the crowd going wild on Instagram and Twitter. Surely some fans who fell for the stunt will be disappointed, but it appears to be all in good fun.

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KYLE Trolls Fans With A Future Impostor At His Show