Kyle Kuzma is sometimes the most scrutinized player in the NBA, and it typically has to do with his play on the court. Kuzma has been known to make some big and funny mistakes at times, however, he is still a solid offensive player who has certainly done a good job with the Washington Wizards so far this season.

As for his fashion choices, well, those are perhaps put under the microscope more than his actual talent. Case in point, Kuzma wore a vibrant and oversized pink Raf Simons sweater on Monday night, and after posting it on social media, he had various NBA peers calling him out for the look.

Guys like Isaiah Thomas said "Come on killa… lol that one ain’t it haha" all while JR Smith simply said "Man hellll nawwwwwww." There were some who cheered on the fit, but there is no question that the roast session was in full swing.

On Twitter, fans certainly gave Kuzma an earful, or at least whatever the online equivalent of that is. Many questioned Kuzma's sanity while also urging him to never pull off this kind of look again. The remarks were pretty damn harsh, although it's not surprising given the internet's usual reactions to anything Kuzma-related.

You can check out what people had to say about the look, in the comments down below.