The NBA's February 23rd trade deadline is rapidly approaching which means it's officially "Emoji Watch Season" on social media.

For instance, the last time Boston's Isaiah Thomas tweeted the "eyes" emoji, the Celtics landed Al Horford, and when he tweeted the same thing on Monday night people started losing their minds with speculation that Jimmy Butler might be on his way to Boston.

Keeping an eye on the social media activity of players who are rumored to be on the move has become commonplace during the league's trade deadline week, especially if they start sending out the infamous eyes emoji.

Last night, the Knicks' Kristaps Porzingis left those very eyes in the comment section on an Instagram post, but it had nothing to do with a potential Knicks teammate. Unless, of course, the Knicks are looking to trade Carmelo Anthony for model Abigail Ratchford. 

KP left those innocent eyes on Abigail's most recent picture and it paid off because she responded with a set of emojis of her own. The timing of this exchange, and our prior knowledge of the eyes emoji during the NBA's trade deadline, suggests these two are now playing for the same team.

A modern day love story.