Raysean Autry, who helped co-found the hip-hop website KollegeKidd has passed away after a hard-fought battle with COVID-19, The Source reports. To add insult to injury, it's also been reported that his brother, Richard, with who he created the page, is currently in the hospital fighting off the virus as well. 

At the time, minimal information regarding Raysean's death and Richard's illness is available, but several huge names in the industry have been sharing tributes to the late creative, including Chance the Rapper.

"Gotta say I appreciate EVERYTHING @KollegeKidd did for me and the whole city during the blog era. REST UP," he sent out on the evening of December 30th. News anchor Anthony Antoine also shared fond memories he had with Raysean, writing, "COVID can really go to hell bro."

"I went to school with Ray and his twin brother Richard. We had class together, worked on projects, they started @KollegeKidd on campus, it took off and changed their lives. Praying for Richard who is still in the hospital with COVID."

Other tributes from fans of the website and Raysean and Richard's videos have been pouring in across the internet. "RIP Kollege Kidd shit crazy asl. I been watching bro videos since I was 15," one user wrote. "Kollege Kidd probably in heaven tryna put a watermark on Betty White," another person joked, also reminding us of the tragic passing of Betty White, who died on December 31st at 99 years old.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Autry family at this time as they mourn the loss of Raysean and Richard continues to fight his battle against COVID-19. RIP.