All week, we've been keeping track of Kodak Black's criminal status, peeping local Florida news sites to update you on anything pertaining to his trial. The 22-year-old rapper was arrested earlier this year for falsifying information on a gun application and he's been locked up ever since. The star, whose real name is Bill K. Kapri, was facing a maximum sentence of ten years in prison for the technical mishap but thankfully, the judge went a little easy on him and only handed down three years. Considering his age, that's not too bad. Hopefully, he still manages to get out early. In his first social update since being sentenced today, the Project Baby quoted a famous Baton Rouge rapper who has been very open about his time in prison: Kevin Gates.

The subject of our latest digital cover story can describe Kodak Black's mood perfectly right now as the "ZEZE" artist used his lyrics to explain how he's feeling and what these coming thirty-six months will entail. Using the "RBS Intro" at the beginning of Gates' latest album I'm Him to speak his mind, Black promised that he's still going to be running things from his cell. "Hold It Down While I’m On Lock. Calling Shots From The Box #Literally," wrote the rapper on Instagram.

In addition to the message, Kodak also shared two photos in his jumpsuit. The first shows him crossing his arms and cheesing for the camera while the second is the crouching image that started the "clone" conspiracy theories.

Free Kodak.