It was all about family fun for Kodak Black who was recently enjoying time with his kids. The rapper has been making the most of his first months out of prison, even reportedly becoming engaged to rapper Mellow Rackz and possibly even expecting a child. We've watched as Kodak has partied for the Super Bowl and collaborated with Lil Yachty, but the rapper showed just how much of a family man he is in a recent video clip that has gone viral. In it, Kodak is at a party for his son, but it's the cake-cutting moment that has given some viewers pause.

Kodak Black, Kids, Cake, Twitter
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff / Getty Images

The video shows Kodak surrounded by kids as he cuts what looks to be a birthday cake. Things start off quite normal until the rapper decides to sneak attack the little boy by mushing a slice of cake in his face. Kodak laughs hysterically as the boy cries, and soon others are finding their faces full of cake, as well. Many people are laughing and having a good time as the kids patiently wait for their true piece of cake.

The jovial moment was shared online as a funny bit from the event, but some people have taken issue with the playful exchange because they believe the rapper used too much force. Check out the video and a few reactions below. Are people overreacting?