Sports and hip-hop go hand in hand. Today just so happens to be an insanely appropriate day to make that claim because 2 Chainz just teamed up with LeBron James to release Rap Or Go To The League. Many kids grow up wanting to become superstars on the microphone or on the field, working their asses off in high school and college to hopefully get a shot. In the locker room, you can usually find yourself listening to your favorite artists to hype you up. Meanwhile, that same artist might be sitting courtside to watch you play. Kodak Black was recently asked to give a slew of football stars rap personas and he did not disappoint, coming through with some of the most ridiculous nicknames we've ever heard.

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

There are a few that stand out from what the Big Stepper was selling. Kyler Murray as "Dookie Cheese" is absolutely incredible, for example. Others, like Julio "Foolio" Jones and Jalen "Ramen Noodle" Ramsey, were among the best. The rapper was surprised when JJ Watt's name came up, saying that his moniker is already perfect for the rap game. With Lamar Jackson, he ended up giving the Pompano Beach native the greatest name of them all: "Kodak." That's hometown love.

What's your favorite name that Kodak picked out for the top NFL stars?