King Louie Mixtapes

  • 6 God Tony
    6 God Tony
    King Louie has been great for a while, but he's also had an especially strong stretch recently. Last year's Tony mixtape was among his best projects, and Drilluminati 3 continued his streak. All the while he's been hinting at some kind of affiliation with OVO, that as of yet, has not been confirmed.
  • Drilluminati 3: God Of Drill
    Drilluminati 3: God Of Drill
    Just hours after dropping off his video for “Throw Yo Sets Up”, King Louie decides to return and release the third installment in his Drilluminati mixtape series.
  • The Green Dot
    The Green Dot
    Yesterday, Chicago's ZMoney hit us with the first piece of content we've gotten from him in a while, the "Count This Money" video. Although he's still incarcerated, he's scheduled to get out later this month, and is celebrating by releasing a new mixtape, The Green Dot. Opening with an intro from ZMoney that's delivered via a county jail phone, the tape goes on to feature the rapper adopting the alter ego "Shawty Paid."
  • Tony
    King Louie is one of the most prolific rappers out of Chicago, releasing new projects on a fairly regular basis. That being said, he's been unusually quiet in 2014, with his last project-- the very underrated Drilluminati 2 -- dropping last December. While there's been no shortage of great music coming out of chicago in the months past, it's good to hear from the singular talent of Louie once again.
  • Mainstream Music
    Mainstream Music
    Chance The Rapper broke out in a big way last year with his mixtape Acid Rap, and now it looks like his younger brother is making a similar grab for stardom. Taylor Bennett's Mainstream Music tape arrives today with a guest list featuring Chicago all-stars like Lil Herb, King Louie, Rockie Fresh, Loyale Soule and Spenzo. Production on the tape comes courtesy of Saint the Good Boy, Monte Booker, BRAlL BEATS, Muzzy, illiad, Satchel Stokes and Cocaine Audio.  Do you think taylor Bennett has the potential to pop off like his brother?
  • Drilluminati 2
    Drilluminati 2
    King Louie returns almost a year later with the second instalment in his Drilluminati series. This new effort features two appearances from Lil Herb and Leek, and production from Jay Storm, Bobby Johnson, Mr. Incredible, and more through out the 13-track project.
  • Jeep Music
    Jeep Music
    Download Jeep Music, the latest project from King Louie, released on Monday, July 22nd, 2013. King Louie's chances in this game are improving with each new release, and Jeep Music is no exception - quite the opposite, in fact. It's a nice addition to the impressive catalogue King Louie has been building over the years. We're definitely anticipating the next move.
  • Drilluminati
    Hear Drilluminati , the latest project from King Louie, released on Tuesday, December 11th, 2012. King Louie continues to impress with each new leak, and Drilluminati is no exception. It's strengthens King Louie's already impressive body of work, which has seen positive change over the years. We're most definitely anticipating King Louie's next offering.
  • Showtime
    These artists contributed to the project: Bighomie Doe, Leek, Fredo Santana, Shorty K, Lil Durk, YP, Chief Keef, DJ Victoriouz, Fatzmack, WaMu. The following producers soundtracked the mixtape: Plu2o Nash, C-Sick, Lokey, Million Mano, Cryptonite, Young Chop, Chase N Dough, Leekeleek, Lex Luger, Block On Da Trakk. Can you appreciate the bars here?