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Born July 6, 1984 at the Halifax Hospital (Daytona Beach, FL). Raised in the harsh streets of Rochester, New York, King Kush Money, b.k.a Kush, underwent many difficult times. During his mothers pregnancy, she suffered from a great deal of stress, hurt, and depression caused from his father, almost causing a miscarriage. But there had to be a strong reason why that didn't stop him from entering into this world. At age 5, once again he is tested, almost losing his life as he was hit and dragged underneath a moving vehicle up a street by a drunk driver. (The name Yihaw tends to remain in his recollections of that awful day), Kush was riding his bigwheel across the street when, Yihaw came  flying down the same street hooking Kush beneath the vehicle. Moments from crushing his bones, skull, and body, he survived only leaving burn marks to the stomach, thighs, and legs. Once again, it has to be a strong reason why he was entered into this world, whats the purpose?     Grew up without his father, but a Mother who had 4 boys, raising them mostly on her own with the help of his grandmother, they became his Hero. King Kush Money found his purpose in music from his poetry writings, his English teacher persistently urged him to pursue. He was also a motivational speaker. Kush, was a young man with great determination, he took his talent of poetry writing & motivational speaking to the next level, reconstructing them into Rhymes of great music and also having a very unique sound, influenced being from the south & the east coast, this young man is blessed! Kush has been consistently writing music since the year 2000, by studying Hip Hop's Greats such as: 2pac, 50 cent, & Eminem, just to name a few. Kush has become a Mastermind behind the whole thing, a lyrical genius! He has developed into a strong Artist. Now working on his first LP, " A Warrio'z Muzik", he speaks on his trials and tribulations all through his life, he feels, this is his testimony to the world! He feels it is time to let his story SHINE.  As you listen to this LP, you will witness Kush grow from a seed, to a plant, into a TREE of many COLORS, taking MUZIK to ANOTHER level. Just take a listen!!! Follow him on twitter @kingkushmoney


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