King Holiday Songs

  • Hustle Muzik
    Hustle Muzik
    Today, we premiered King Holiday and Kato's new tape, the King Holiday EP, and now here's a standout track from it. "Hustle Muzik" is the second track on the tape, and it's an anthemic banger that showcases both artists' remarkable skills.
  • King
    We introduced you to King Holiday back in May, with a leak off his debut EP, "Let 'Em Hate." Now that we are nearing the release date for his EP, which is entirely produced by SMKA's Kato, Kato and Holiday deliver another cut, this time featuring a veteran r'n'b singer, Angie Stone.
  • Let 'Em Hate
    Let 'Em Hate
    You are probably familiar with frequent Funk Volume collaborator and SMKA producer Kato, however, chances are you haven't heard of King Holiday yet. Kato has taken the rapper under his wing, and will be producing Holiday's entire debut EP.  King Holiday picked up rapping later in life, following the death of his younger brother who himself was an aspiring MC. The rapper, native to South Carolina but currently residing in Atlanta, definitely doesn't sound like he's new to the game.