Kid Rock News

  • Cover of Kid Rock Is Attacked By The "Beyhive" After His Comments On Beyonce
    In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Detroit rock artist Kid Rock stated that he, unlike the rest of the world, is "flabbergasted" by Beyonce's massive popularity. He doesn't understand why Bey is, admittedly, "the biggest thing on Earth", as, in his opinion, she "doesn't have a fucking Purple Rain".
  • Cover of Kid Rock Calls Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake Concert Tickets "Highway Robbery"
    Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z are on top of their respective games right now. JT's new album just went platinum, and Jay can't drop a song without the White House weighing in on it. It makes sense then, that the two stars would be able to make a pretty penny off a joint tour.
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