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Kevin Flum..also known as "Kid Krazy", is an unsigned solo hip hop artist that currently lives in Lugoff, South Carolina. Ever since he could remember, Kevin has always wanted to stand out, do something different in life...something that would make people look at him, and realize that he would do anything to raise the bar, and go for his dreams. When Flum was 13, he started to listen to rap music. He had purchased one of "50 Cent's" new albums, and fell in love with it in a snap. Kevin would remember some songs of choice by heart, and would rap them to himself to see if it sounded good. From there, he would download instrumentals to the hottest songs out, and he would attempt to write a decent sounding rap. As all new starters to something, Flum wasnt the best, and was told many times that he should just give up, and pursue a different dream, because to the public, they believed that music wasnt for him. Kevin never gave up on his dream. After becoming inspired by his father to always follow his dreams, Flum started to take music a lot more serious. After moving from his hometown in Germany. Flum settled in South Carolina, the place where he would have to start over, and make new friends. His freshman year went by, and Kevin was just another face in the crowd. Half of his sophomore year goes by, still just another face. Until one day, at a school pep rally, the student council was holding a "rap battle", in front of the whole pep rally audience. Kevin was called down to the floor, and did what he did best. "It was the most emotional moment I've ever seen for Kevin, he was a no name, but that day, he showed the school who he really was." said Aaron Baughman. After that day, Kevin's popularity started to grow tremendously. He started making new friends, and he loved the feeling of finally being accepted. During the summer of 2009, he purchased a studio condenser microphone, and a large amount of studio equiptment, and started to record many songs. He released his debut album named "Ambitions", that basically described exactly who Kid Krazy was.


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