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Who exactly is Kid H? He could be the life of a party or he could also be a loser. No one knows for sure.. Hernan has always been into music. Ever since He was a Little boy his mother would always tell him stories of his childhood. As Hernan Quotes..."My mom always said when i was young i would grab one of those horse on a stick, flip it over, and turn it into a guitar. i would blast Hispanic music as loud as i could and sang and danced around in it". Hernan said he became into rap when his five year older brother Abraham Carrizales had bought 50 cent's new album "Get rich or die trying'" "I heard the first track and I'm just like blown from my mind, at the age i was in i had no clue what 50 was actually saying but how the words just flowed with the beat...it just got to me". In second grade hernan wrote his first rap dedicated to his brother. he never recorded due to no mic or computer. It was only about 5 lines. But as soon as He read it over he know he could start something."I remember it like it was yesterday, Hernan recalls" I was in my bed with a note book writing poetry. that simple. When Hernan reached fourth grade it was then when he took it a step further. " I remember and my Reminds me to, i would get a sled tube and put one on he side of the room with a ping pong table in between created a small stage, i would get a toilet paper roll as a mic and danced and rapped nonsense all around my room until i had to go to bed". When i hit fifth grade i completely forgot rap. Idgaf about it. Sam for sixth didn't care .but in seventh i got my friend up and we created a group called "we got the blues" It was lil' h and Edson The Giant. (now known as reckless G) but back then we rapped very very poorly. we would go to the library and type lyrics,,,,print them,,,,bring them home and recorded on a simple desktop mic. i remember my first legit recording songs. called "This is how we roll know." After that i saved up and got a twenty dollar mic from big lots. i recorded multiple songs with it. including Hating Forever and music in da air. After Six Unsuccessful raps hernan thought it was time to give up. His mic had broke...he had little fame and was going no where in life. Until in early 2010 when hernan record two songs with underground rapper Jaime Pacheco aka crucial. they had a successful song the reached fame only in our neighbor hood. eek i needed more so inn In 2010 Hernan Had a feud with rapper B money. "at first i had like no clue wtf i was doing lol but as i got more and more into the dissing. i became a very cocky person" By late 2010 hernan claimed himself at the moment with his quote "I am the best in D-city". shortly after he made a song called DA BEST IN D CITY. with rapper ray ray only the song got no hype. After the battle i thought wow not only did i get more fame but i improved on my skill and flow. by early 2011 hernan was known in his grade level. as young flawless. int march 2011 hernan had his first mix tape "the one that's flawless selling over thirty copies the first week. " i gained forty bucks and more fame and i kept on improving. that same month hernan met up with rapper Issac Santana. " at first i was like hell no this dude whack but i during spring break he improved he came back to me with lyrics exploding. i was like f*** nooooo this guy is a monster i need him in my songs now!!! in may 2011 ill izzy had went to hernans studio to make the infamous song "straight up shooting' which successfully reached over 300 views its first 2 weeks. " i knew we had the start of something big. after that hernan has recorded multiple tracks with lil izzy reckless g and so far thus it. he has a up coming mix-tape called "S.A.M.BA.M" to be out by January 21st. recently heading show that lil izzy and young flawless made 2 new songs called ambitions and dreams which got little hype. and recently made a group called new era with jaylen col and lil Freddy only they thought hernan sucked and immediately kicked him out. making 3 tracks that were getting big. hernan thought it should be right to just drop it all. til lil izzy claimed "new era run this". run what?? hernan claimed. "its like they get a few views and a couple of fb likes and now they think there the best ever". lil izzy has became a mainstream person along with his crew. as hernans just sits back and laughs. but ass it all goes down lil izzy has realeased he will be adding a new name. or chanigin it. and so will hernan. its now not young falwless it is kid h.. he is now cool with new era and evryone else he really is on his way to the top. he has disres to havf fans not fathhis.....is....his....story.. "This is what i do and i went ahead and did it. Go ahead and say your shit cuz i will never quit it. we all call them haters but they should be called dumb bitches cuz they dont understand.. imma keep on spitting. It's just hip hop. Im just a kid trying to do what evryone else is doing and following there true dreams. but im diffrent youll see


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