Rapper Kid Trunks, who was close with XXXTentacion as part of the Members Only collective, has announced that he was diagnosed with chest cancer after testing positive for COVID-19. He says that he was hospitalized for COVID-19 and while doctors were examining him, they found that he also has cancer.

After it was rumored that the rapper had passed away after a troubling post was shared to his account, Kid Trunks says that his account was hacked. While he is very much still alive, he did confirm that he received some terrible news after having a near-death experience.


"My account was hacked posted on then the post was deleted u guys," explained Trunks. "I wanted to keep silence about my situation but I'll explain to you guys later today... I was near death but I didn't die! Thanks you all for being there & caring."

In a follow-up post, the "777" artist said, "I caught Covid 19 & while in the process of them checking my body out they found I had pneumonia cancer aka chest cancer #fuckcancer #Webuiltstrong."

As he gets treated in the hospital, Trunks has received prayers and positive messages from hundreds of his fans on social media. While many are relieved to hear that the artist is still with us, this news is obviously concerning. We're wishing a very speedy recovery to Kid Trunks. We will keep you all updated with any news on him.