Kid Cudi's new album, Speedin Bullet to Heaven, found the rapper further descending the rock n roll rabbit hole-- or, at least, continuing to stray from his rapping roots. Nonetheless, it's safe to say that Cudder was among the first generation of 'Internet' rappers, rappers that helped the blogosphere become what it is today. Today Cudder vented to his twitter followers about his departure from hip-hop and spoke on his imitators at the same time. Oh, he also showed off a rainbow-colored hair dye job.

He wrote, "My skin is my skin. My sound is my sound. Aint nobody doing it better than me. Pass it on." Cudi continued, "Needed to address this madness. Cause I explore other musical realms everyone wanna act like I aint show these niggas the path. Like I always say, they can have the recipe but they can't cook it like this."

Do you agree with everything he says? Check out the tweets below, including the new hair style.