Over the past few weeks, Kid Cudi seems to have come alive. He first released “The Frequency” and “All In,” both of which were thankfully far afield from his Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven sound. Now we know why.

In a series of tweets, Cudder expressed his feelings on where he stands in the music industry and among is peers in general, but most importantly he slid in news that he will be releasing a “new album this summer.” The news of the new album comes in the context that he’s past trying to please anyone or fit into anyone’s notion of what he should sound like. Unfortunately, that tweet also contained the words “I think about blowin my brains out a handful of times a week.”

We are definitely excited to hear more from the Man On The Moon. Hopefully he can keep his head up throughout the process, because some of his words are a little concerning. Cudi is no stranger to struggle though, so he should pull through.