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KFP started off as just a click of high schoolers who had a few things in common. Dancing, humor, and chasing skirts to name a few. All born in the ruthless streets of St.Louis,MO, most of the members in KFP made it to see 21, or older. The others are not of age yet, but are keeping out of trouble and giving their all to this thing we call MUSIC. The members of KFP are a very charasmatic group of young men, and very diverse nevertheless. They strive to make music that appeals to all walks of life. Wether you live tha street life, college life, prep life, business life, party life, or somber/calm life. They have a song for you!.. Marcus Doss(22), aka Doss, or Dossy Doss, is the self-proclaimed ringleader/President of the bunch. He puts events in motion, keeps everyone on their toes, approves most of the final decisions, and keeps new ideas and marketing plans rolling in. A story teller nevertheless, in every verse he writes he has a beginning, middle, and ending. Stringing words together like nothing you've ever heard before, with a witty metaphor here and there. Next in command is Albert Jacobs(21), aka Al-B Jacobs, one of the original creators of the group founded in June of 2004. Al-B is the "frontman", as well as the self-proclaimed Vice President of KFP. He makes sure the job gets done and if anyone is slacking he sees to it that they straighten up and fly right. He's no doubt the outspoken one and pretty much the speaker of the group when out networking or doing shows. Al-B has a powerful delivery and you have to be quick to keep up with his innuendo's and metaphors. Daris Lytle(21), aka D-Burna, also one of the founders of KFP, is no doubt one of the most creative writer's/rapper's in the group. With his catchy melodies, outlandish sense of humor, and in-your-face delivery, he stands out in any track that he is on. He brings life to the words he writes and sometimes humor, not too mention he's probably the silliest one of them all. Aira Jacobs aka Dooby! As he says either before or after every verse, is the youngest member. At only 18, he is the shy goofy guy with much game and an uncomparable flow. His uncanniness to stay on subject is the PowerPoint of his writing skills. Most definitely a forced to be reckoned with in the future as he continues to perfect his craft. There are other members that make up KFP who dont rap, but support the camp in many ways. Wether it be dj'n, producing, or just pulling girls for the team. KFP will be the hottest thing to hit the market since the Hot Boys, I guarantee it! Be ready, because they coming for you... .. ..


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