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Review: Big Sean & Jhené Aiko's "TWENTY88"
Review: Big Sean & Jhené Aiko's "TWENTY88" Apr 6, 2016 at 06:18pm
Last year's Dark Sky Paradise was a big step up for Big Sean. He culled his finest crop of beats yet, finessed natural-sounding collabs out of some of the biggest artists around, and most importantly, finally let go of his goofiest lyrical impulses in favor of more mature songwriting that still didn't sacrifice any of his characteristic charm. It was a promising first step on the path to becoming a true "album artist"-- not just a motormouthed guest verse wild card-- and one that made an even better follow-up seem inevitable.
Samples Of The Week: December 4
Samples Of The Week: December 4 Dec 4, 2014 at 10:29am
When hip-hop began, samples were all that DJs and producers had to construct instrumental tracks with. They'd dig through crates of vinyl trying to find isolated drum breaks, melodies or vocals that they could repurpose for use in hip-hop music. Today, sampling has become less common, but a choice sample can still push a track from lukewarm to hot faster than you can say "uh-huh honey".  This week, see who Rae Sremmurd, Key Wane and PARTYNEXTDOOR sampled on their recent tracks, all of which can be found on HNHH.