Reality TV can be a lot to keep up with, mainly because you can never tell where the "reality" begins and ends when the cameras stop rolling. That sentiment is even more apparent for the ladies of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, who regularly blur the lines between their "real" lives and the reality television personas they cultivate for primetime hours. Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams had yet another one of those moments recently, and the topic of debate had to do with a fight on The Real Housewives Of Potomac, Black Lives Matter activism and the ethics of civil disobedience. 

 Kenya Moore Porsha Williams beef BLM Activism arrested Civil Disobedience
Image: Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty

The war of words stemmed from a recent episode of RHOA, where Kenya questioned whether or not Porsha was intentionally being arrested in the BLM protests this past summer for the sake of clout. This led to fellow Black activist Tamika D. Mallory to chime in, defending Porsha in a lengthy statement that basically broke down why the Dish Nation on-air host was in fact a real one while holding it down in the trenches. Kenya then responded with some shade as per usual, posting in her IG Story, "fake: if you fight for violence against a black woman except the ones who deserved it" (seen above). Many believe that message was in response to Porsha siding with The Real Housewives Of Potomac cast mate Monique Samuels and her now-infamous fight with fellow show star Candiace Dillard, thus trying to make her seem like a hypocrite.

Peep Porsha's longwinded repose to the whole ordeal below, which details why she'll be taking the high road for the sake of not arguing with a Black woman during the holidays on a topic as important as BLM activism:

"It really is sad that this had to be addressed. Thank you @tamikadmallory my leader and my sister in the struggle for all you do first and for most! However, I will say this I am on Rhoa and most of the show is for entertainment but when it comes to BLM let me be clear I will not be Reading anyone , I will not be shading anyone , I will not stoop down and give weight nor battle the topic of BLM with a fellow black women on TV! I take it very serious so all I will say is Kenya I will pray for you over the holidays and maybe even I can be a beacon of light in your dark heart when it comes to anything Porsha related or maybe I can enlighten you on the act of *Civil disobedience. I truly hope that in next week episode you are not questioning nor belittling the efforts of the very brave women and men all over the world who stood up and said No justice No peace and have to fight because innocent black men and women are being killed! I know we can do better than this. Let’s stay focused !!! VOTE VOTE VOTE ✊🏾💙 #Louisville87 #GoodTrouble" 

See the actual post that Porsha posted below, and let us know if you agree with Kenya or if she was just being a little too messy during a time when she should be feeling jolly: