James Harden caught another body Tuesday night in Atlanta. The victim: fellow southpaw, Kent Bazemore.

It all went down late in the first quarter of the Rockets' 121-105 victory over the Hawks, as Harden turned Bazemore inside out, leaving him flailing helplessly in front of the home crowd at All State Arena.

See for yourself:

The Beard made Bazemore look so foolish that the Hawks wing took to social media on Wednesday morning to offer an explanation, and provide some insight into what was going through his mind as the play unfolded.

Bazemore's full assessment reads:

"Ok so I feel you guys want an explanation... It's always a chess match against James Harden. One of the best iso players the game has ever seen. I use the spin on defense for better recovery. Either that or fall. (I chose the lesser of the two evils). James likes to step back for the three when the ball is in his left hand which is why I moved up the floor after the spin. Had he done that, I would've been in position to get a solid contest. Obviously, I guessed wrong and that's what makes him such a great scorer. He's patient with the dribble. There are a ton of things I could've done to put myself in a better position but when dealing with an assassin, they attack when you're most vulnerable. Great move bro."

He added, "All in all I'm alive and well. Ready for the Jazz tomorrow."