We now know Kendrick Lamar is planning to release a new album in September, but Kendrick took a pause to consider his success so far. Coming off of the heels of the Good Kid fumes and the successful launch of Schoolboy Q's Oxymoron, Kendrick Lamar and Top Dawg Entertainment are making their way towards a cultural zeitgiest. Kendrick explainse to Billboard why TDE has seen such a success. 

“What our thing is is not really being confined to what everybody else is doing or what’s supposed to be the ‘it’ thing," says Lamar. "We built our brand just by doing what we wanted to do to, the sound that we liked and love and people followed that."

Kendrick also spares some words of praise for the Top Dawg CEO, Anthony Tiffith. He says:

“It may not be music. It could be having gas money. He could have some type of love for you and respect for you, he’s gonna help you by any means, and that pertains to my career. That pertains to Q career. That pertains to the whole TDE. He just wants to see people achieve their goals.”

When it comes to satiating dreams and crossing goals off a checklist, Top Dawg truly has succeeded in making people achieve their goals. TDE has also made a lot of money off of seeing those lofty goals achieved, but that's another story. 

How do you think TDE handles itself as a label? What do you think it's doing differently or is it much of the same?

Watch the full interview below.