Kendrick Lamar Appreciated Tupac's Vulnerability On "Dear Mama"

Kendrick Lamar took some time to discuss how Tupac's "Dear Mama" shaped his career and relationship with his own mother

Kendrick Lamar took a solid 45 seconds to tell On The Record about his favorite record. He's been vocal about his love of 2Pac before, so it comes as no surprise that he chose to talk about the classic "Dear Mama."

 The track gave him cues on his own artistry. "Me being an artist today I can really go back and appreciate the value of vulnerability and being able to express yourself and not being scared to express yourself and not being scared to express yourself... That's something that I learned to appreciate in my music, being that real and being able to talk about things like that."

 To boot, the track gave Lamar insight into his own mother's life, who he says is " a beautiful person. She made some mistakes in her life, but that never changed the way I looked at her or changed the fact that she gave me birth and bringing me into this world. Me looking back at that I salute Tupac.”

 Mothers - something to be Thankful for! Check the full take below.



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