Kehlani Songs

  • Cover of Kehlani - Get Away
    Every once in a blue moon, I stumble upon a new artist online that has a certain a magnetic pull that makes me an instant fan; such was the case with 19-year-old songstress Kehlani.
  • Cover of Kehlani - Till The Morning
    As her August EP Cloud 19 is currently sitting at 95% user approval on HNHH, it's safe to assume that most of y'all that know Oakland singer/songwriter Kehlani are fans. Lucky for you, she's picked today as the day to release a follow-up track to the excellent project.
  • Cover of Kehlani - Collect Call
    Thus far, HNHH readers have loved them some Kehlani. Her first feature, "Get Away," earned the singer a 95% VERY HOTTTT rating when it dropped last month (July 15th), an astounding percentage for an up-and-comer.
  • Cover of Kehlani - Lonely In December
    Like many R&B singers this holiday season, Kehlani is contributing some new music to soundtrack the festive time of year.
  • Cover of Kehlani - What It's All About
    Kehlani has decided to share some Christmas music today, with the melancholy "Lonely In December" and the sentimental "What It's All About". While not as typically joyous as some holiday records can be, they both definitely capture the spirit of wanting to spend this time of year with those you're close to.
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