Kehlani and social media have had a strained relationship with each other. You may recall back in the day (aka a year or two ago?) Lil Lani had a twitter account, which she's since parted ways with. Recently, after she split with basketball player Kyrie Irving only to jump back in bed (literally) with former fling PartyNextDoor, the wrath of the internet was too much to handle and she disappeared from social media sight once again. 

She's made a slow return to Instagram and to Snapchat in recent months. However following last night's win by the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team on which Irving plays, Kehlani's Instagram was flooded with mean-spirited comments about her, in reference to her ex (among the types of comments, there was a lot of "L"-taking, "you fucked up" etc). While she hasn't spoken out on the matter directly, many reports are saying she's deleted her Instagram account because of the incessant trolling.

There are a few screenshots of the comments left all over her page in the gallery above. 

UPDATE:Kehlani's Instagram is back up and running folks. Although it was most definitely deactivated this morning, it looks like Lani has reactivated it and she even dedicated a post to Kyrie. See below.