While she didn't release a project in 2016, Kehlani has had a big year. "Gangsta" and "CRZY" saw the Bay Area singer breaking into the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time, making her next project easily her most anticipated. Today, Kehlani has given us a clue as to what to expect from her next project, which will serve as her official debut album, announcing the title to be SWEETSEXYSAVAGE on Twitter.

Kehlani later challenged a fan who suggested the title wasn't representative of how "intellectual" the singer is.

The title is immediately reminiscent of TLC's 1994 classic CrazySexyCool, and seeing that Kehlani's music often pulls from that era of R&B and gives it a modern twist, it's a natural reference.

According to reports, Diddy recently thanked Kehlani for "saving" R&B, which is a pretty big endorsement. Kehlani just released the video for "Distraction." Watch it below.