Female artists like Bianca Bonnie and Sukihana believe that they are made to work harder than many of their counterparts because of their skin tone. Kash Doll isn't messing with that idea at all and intervened when people tried to place her in that colorist box of oppression.

One social media user straight up told the rapper that some of her contemporaries of lighter complexions are getting ahead quicker because of society's tendency to favor women with "fair" skin.

"Colorism is universal baby. There's a reason why Cardi, Cuban and Dream blew up faster and have more promo than you. You should be bigger and I'm sure you know. It's because you're dark skinned."

Kash Doll took absolutely none of those elements on board and disagreed with the post's whole perspective.

"Lol Cuban and dream are not bigger artist than me...secondly i believe in God and his timing..i will not let Society make me believe my fine ass skin tone is the reason I'm not as big of an artist...Oprah is black! Anything is possible, be positive!"

Some took her response as a complete dismissal of colorism as a valid issue. Kash clarified her stance.

" When did i say it wasn't a thing my pretty brown sis?? I said as far as female rap i HAVE NOT YET TO EXPERIENCE IT...SIMPLE."

She ended the whole ordeal on a positive note, gassing her dark-skinned sisters and their ambition.