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Born and raised in Chicago can do two things to you, make you or break you. Well for Kaos, it made him the person he is today. Born Jontae French on December 24, 1987 to Nedra French and Dwayne Gist young man showed many talents. But living a in a poverty household would change him in so many ways. His father left him and his mother while he was still a child. Being the only boy out of his mother two kids he felt abandoned to learn and fend on his own. Being raised in a household full of women his was taught a lot, but they couldn't teach him how to be a man. In the late 90's later his mother got a new boyfriend who already has kids of his own. As time went by Kaos got fond to his mother boyfriend son who eventually took him under his wing. Kaos was a very determined and strong minded child who thrived off self motivation. But when times got hard for him and his family he turn to his step brother for different knowledge. He was a excellent student in school but he knew right then that them books would feed him nor his family so he start helping his brother hustle. But yet he never lost his focus on school and he maintained his two lives. The young child was taking on consequences and action of an adult at the age of 9 years old. He grew did everything with his step-brother, he had found someone who he thought at the time was the man figure he need. He taught him more than just how to hustle he taught him how to survive be aware and never say never. But Kaos life would soon take a turn for the worst. One night the house was raided and his mother and his step-brother was took to jail. This scared him the most. So without another his step-brother and mother his felt lost again. His big sister did her best to keep him focus and comfort him in his time of hopelessness. Fast forward a little bit, he gets older and wiser. His mother moves to Tennessee which he did not want to go so his auntie took him in. Now his auntie was different from his mother in so many ways all the stuff he did with his mother his auntie was not having. They clashed many time to it finally clicked with him that she meant well he started to cool it down. Now his auntie at the time being single with no kids did the best she could raising him to be a man. Showing him to take care of his responsibilities and do the right then. But the one thing that she taught him to do the most was stand out, don't be a follower be your own person. Kaos saw so much change in his self as he started to get older. he was changing from a little boy that hustled to a young man. He start rapping around 2003 but didn't start taking it serious to about 2006. Music wasn't his first love but it was his release therapy as he got older. Stuff that he couldn't talk about to anyone he would share so clear in his music. He calls his style of music a reflection, cause basically its him and his life story. Which most artisit now a days in his word can’t do cause they didn't have it bad like he did. He grew up listening to the legends 2Pac, Biggie, LL Cool J, Rakim, Big Pun, Nas, JayZ and many more. Artist that went threw it was very lyrically at what they do. Which he hope one day to be close to there accomplishments and success. Right now Kaos produces and write all of his own music, he is very multi-talented. As he try to pursue his career in music he hopes to learn more about every aspect of it from the studio to the business. Right now working on starting his own label and production company. He also plans on helping other artists in his city as well as his self to learn how to succeed in the music world. Be sure to look out for this rising star because to him failure is not an option.


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