Kanye West Slinks In And Out Of Booking At LAPD Station

Kanye West managed to get in (and out) of police custody in just over 40 minutes when turning himself in for booking, as he's been given mandatory parole for two years following the case with the paparazzo he smashed.

Kanye West is bigger than ever but even he must find his most recent legal problems a bit deflating...or dare we say, humbling. When he bashed up a paparazzo at LAX a little while back, Yeezy was sentenced to two years probation and a total of 24 mandatory anger management sessions.

Just last Thursday (3/28), Kanye had to turn himself in for booking at the Hollywood LAPD station to get his mugshot and fingerprints taken. Miraculously, given the paparazzi cesspit that is the Hollywood area, Ye' and his all-star lawyer managed to do this unseen and unharassed as he slipped in and out of the police station in just approximately 49 minutes. 

Of course, it wasn't a completely clean getaway as TMZ still made a report letting folks know of the Yeezy activity. Kanye has to keep clean and relatively staid put for a couple of years. Do you think this will end up having a positive impact on Ye' or will it hurt his career in whole? 

Stay posted and let us know!


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