On Thursday night, Kanye West kicked off the second leg of his Saint Pablo Tour in San Jose, California, where he unsurprisingly decided to stop his set to get some political thoughts off his chest, including that he didn’t vote this year, but would’ve voted Trump if he did.

In a long political rant throughout his set, Kanye reportedly talked about doubling down on his presidency run in 2020, changing the education system, repeatedly told the crowd his concerts were safe for both Clinton & Trump supporters, and also revealed that he took a liking to some of Trump’s campaign & debates.

Thanks to twitter user @RaptorJessus, who was there in attendance and Complex for the catch, Kanye reportedly told the crowd that he loved Trumps debate style and is glad Trump inspired racists to reveal themselves. "This is the beginning". "Sometimes you might not get your way in order to learn in the future how to get your way. You might understand what I'm saying but..." Ye stated.

Later, Kanye reportedly stopped his performance of “Jesus Walks” to further talk about how Trump was a genius, and also admitted that his manager Scooter Braun told him not to reveal his Trump support before the election.

While we have yet to receive the entire footage of the so called "rants" tonight, we do have a clip of Kanye showing his support for Trump, saying he would’ve voted for him if he had. Peep that clip (below) and read some of the tweets & quotes from concert-goer @RaptorJesuss.