After serving five years in prison following his conviction related to charges of conspiracy to commit fraud, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Apollo Nida was released. The world watched as Apollo and his ex-wife Phaedra Parks' marriage had a messy meltdown for Bravo TV cameras just as his legal troubles were brewing. Prior to serving his bid, Apollo asked his friends and fellow Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Peter Thomas, Kandi Burruss, and her husband Todd Tucker to hold onto a few personal items so federal investigators couldn't find them. Instead, Apollo claims Kandi and Todd used the information as a storyline for RHOA.

Apollo was recently featured on an Instagram Live interview with Peter where he voiced his frustrations with his former friends. "They sold me out, come on," Apollo said. "They wasn't even supposed to talk about that stuff." The Feds apparently went to Peter's house to collect Apollo's items and the only reason authorities knew where his belongings were was because he says ex-wife Phaedra "snitched" on him. 

However, Apollo took aim at Kandi and Todd for not keeping his secret under wraps. "If I came to you and said, 'Hey put my stuff here, it's hush-hush.' You ain't supposed to say nothing," Apollo said. "You not supposed to go on national TV saying, 'Hey, we holding this for Apollo' just for a storyline! You sold me out!" Watch clips of his interview below and listen as things seem to get heated off-camera.