Kaj Kadence

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He is mister “Public Enemy No. 1”. The only difference is you should believe the hype! All of it! Kevin Michel, or “Kaj Kadence” is an independent artist, who is doing nothing more than trying to spread his music to every corner of this rock that we live on. As far as “style” goes, Kaj Kadence heavily focuses on his lyrical “wordplay” and is deeply involved in the “old School” hip hop era. That explains why he often says “I feel as if I was born 20 years too late.” Therefore it is no surprise that his musical influences are names such as, The Late Great B.I.G, Big Daddy Kane, A tribe called Quest, Pete Rock and CL Smooth, Mos Def, and Jay-Z. Those names barely scratch the surface of his inspirational favorites. Being the son of a D.J. who owns over 8000 Vinyl records, It should be no surprise that music is the very definition of his soul. Born in Brooklyn, New York Kaj Kadence could not escape the music. He is also very prideful in his heritage. Both of his parents were born in Haiti, so it is normal to catch him with that red and blue flag, calling himself the “Haitian Prince.” Now at the age of 20, He is currently residing in Fayetteville, North Carolina and attending Campbell University to study Information Technology/Security with a minor in Mass Communication. The music industry is a difficult pool to swim in. All labels need an artist, a DJ, a Producer and a persistent promotion team at the least. Kaj Kadence possesses all of these talents as well as playing the guitar, in a sense he IS his OWN label. Whether you enjoy the “laid back” smooth beats, or the lyrics that paint a vivid, colorful and concrete picture in your mind, Kaj Kadence is bringing something to the table that EVERYONE desires a piece of.


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