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Kai Sincere is a dynamic talent ready to take center stage. This Baltimore-based artist and storyteller is broadcasting his world through music that gives you permission let loose. At 22-years-old, his vision is focused, and he's itching for not only a prime spot on the dance floor, but exclusive rights to get every body moving. Dance music paired with poignant storytelling had a major influence on Kai Sincere as a budding music connoisseur. In his hometown of Charlottesville, VA, while his peers were out playing basketball or video games, Kai was engrossed in his basement, recording original tracks on his PC, and absorbing a range of influences from Jay Z and Eminem, to Heavy D and Slick Rick. "I couldn't listen to any cussing growing up, so I would always listen to Heavy D, but I really love Slick Rick," he says. "He always told a story, and I think that's hip-hop at the end of the day. Being yourself, telling your story, and making people relate to it." Connecting to people through art and music is something that comes naturally to Kai. He spent his formative years venting through poetry and stories as an outlet, and crafting rhymes with classmates in the school library. He played the drums, studied the trumpet, and even went to culinary school before stepping away to focus on his promising music career. "I like to create," he says. "It always goes back to art. I have a big imagination, plus I like to eat. Put those together, and I guess you have culinary." These days, Kai is cooking up beats in the kitchen with producer Kariz Marcel, and describes his music as "truthful, fun, and just laid back." His upcoming EP, Long Story Short, is a club-heavy clash of Black Eyed Peas meets B.O.B that blends synth-pop hooks, booming bounce beats, and undeniable lyrical skill. The album is also set to feature a remix of the internet sensation, "Study Buddy," a pop-infused track currently causing a uproar among young fans on YouTube who have adopted the song as their official lip syncing, clown-walking, teen love anthem. "When I first saw a repost on YouTube, I thought somebody stole my song! But I love it! I really enjoy all the fans, and all the feedback on everything. It's surprising me. I never thought in a million years it would ever go like this." West coast fans aren't the only ones discovering Kai Sincere. With the go-go hit "I'm So DMV," he is determined to put the DC/Maryland/Virginia area on the map. In the meantime, Kai is in the studio putting the finishing touches on his album, gearing up to take his music on the road, and continuing to plot the course of his dream. "As long as you keep it truthful and talk about your life, you live another day, you'll always have something to write about," he says. "I think my music is about just being myself, and showing 100% me. My music can be uplifting to people, but at the end of the day, I want people to say, 'Well, he's just being himself. Maybe it's ok for me to be myself.'"


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