Ka (Brownsville) Videos

  • Cover of Ka "You Know It's About" Video
    Brooklyn's Ka is back with another minimal, self-directed video for an intensely slow-burning track. This one comes off this year's underrated album, "The Night's Gambit." Peep Ka "You Know It's About" Video, the latest visual from Ka (Brownsville). It dropped on Wednesday, November 13th, 2013.
  • Cover of Ka (Brownsville) "Jungle" Video
    The latest visual from Brownsville emcee Ka's "The Night’s Gambit" project. Behold Ka (Brownsville) "Jungle" Video, a new offering from Ka (Brownsville) , which was released on Thursday, October 3rd, 2013.
  • Cover of Ka (Brownsville)  "Off The Record" Video
    Visuals for this standout cut from Brownsville emcee Ka's "The Night’s Gambit" project, which hits shelves this week. Can you appreciate the bars here? Check out the latest video from Ka (Brownsville) , Ka (Brownsville) "Jungle" Video.
  • Cover of Ka (Brownsville)  "Our Father" Video
    The latest visual from mythical Brownsville, Brooklyn emcee Ka, both shot and directed by him. The cut will appear on his upcoming project "The Night’s Gambit." Don't sleep. How do you feel about the production here? Peep the new visual for Ka (Brownsville) 's Ka (Brownsville) "Off The Record" Video.
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