Juicy J Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Chris Brown "Talkin' Bout" BTS (Part 2)

Juicy J takes us behind the scenes of his "Talkin' Bout" video with Wiz Khalifa and Chris Brown.

Juicy J's Stay Trippy was for the most part, an uncompromising new school Memphis rap album. There were a few poppier moments as well, and "Talkin' Bout", the hazy, Wiz-helmed track was one of the most successful.

Naturally, the track is getting picked up on the radio, and Juicy has responded by getting an official video together, which he takes us behind the scenes of in this clip.

We get footage of both Juicy and Wiz, though Chris Brown does not seem to be present, most likely due to his current stint in rehab.

It's possible Chris may film his section separately, but either way expect this visual soon.


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