Juelz Santana is finally making a comeback in the rap game, first with his mixtape God Will'n dropping next week, and an album to follow. He's had a rocky path to where he's at now, but he promises great stuff with God Will'n, as well talks on the possibility of a Dipset project with Funkmaster Flex. 

He begins by discussing his recent leak, "Soft," which had the massive line up of Fabolous, Meek Mill & Rick Ross. "I hope everybody else loves it. It's a good feeling Flex. I been working so hard. That song is actually like a scratch, little piece off the ice berg." Juelz continued, "It was a heavily requested song, everybody saw that [on the tracklist], they wanted to hear it, so I was like lemme just throw that out there, get the people excited. Shoutout to Fab, shoutout to Meek. For some reason a lot of people think me and Fab got issues or whatever so, it was just a good record I felt to throw out there, show me getting off, Ross on the hook, You know, that's the wave that's going on right now, so for me to just jump in that world and get crazy real quick, act up real quick. But the tape is crazy, God Will'n."

Funkmaster Flex also broaches the topic of a Dipset project, and why their music didn't always came to fruition. Juelz explains the possibility is definitely there, now that he's back on his grind musically."Definitely, definitely Flex. Shoutout to Jim, shoutout to Cam. At the time, when we put out the "Salute" record, it was still at the time where I wasn't doing a lot of music, period.I wasn't back in the zone I needed to be in, musically." Juelz continued, "It's not even about that project, you know like, I took a break, a break from everything. All the people that reached out to me for records and things at certain times, I just wanna put it out there, I'm back. Getting back to the Dipset project, I'ma say I wasn't really in my mojo to sit down and complete a Dipset project. That's why I'm saying it is possible, I'm sure Cam is willing to do it, I'm sure Jim is willing to do it,  I've always been willing to do it, it was just about me getting my music mojo back."

Listen to the interview below.

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